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Building intelligent sales outsourcing solutions has been our only focus since we entered the Sales Outsourcing industry. Since 1998, we've been focusing on companies that need immediate revenue generation. Over the past 11 years we have generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. OSS was developed by a group of seasoned sales executives who have a strong commitment and understanding within various business sectors. Each client is individually addressed with solutions that fit their business requirements. With over 10 years of sales and marketing experience, OSS is uniquely positioned to deliver expert strategies through proven processes and methodologies.

Our Expertise

We deliver innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by businesses in today's evolving economy. Our experienced executives provide tailored Market Strategies, Sales Management and Outsourcing solutions to fit your business. We develop sales plans, and recruit highly qualified sales professionals and manage them to meet our clients' revenue goals. Many organisations may have a sales team in place, but our scalable solutions allow our customers to meet the demands of today's market. If acquiring small and medium business (SMB) is part of your organisation's charter, we are your solution. We create repeatable and sustainable business processes designed to bring positive results in a short period of time. Our programs and services are designed by sales professionals with executive level business experience to ensure your success. Whether you're selling a technical product or professional services, our experienced executives make sure you achieve your desired results.

Who Should Use Us?

Organisations that want to grow! Companies trying to achieve their next level of development and maturity! Companies in high growth, fast paced markets or those in transition will capitalise on our unique approach to market definition and sales management. OSS has solutions tailored for start-ups and well developed companies wanted to increase sales, each program developed and delivered specifically for you.

What is it for you?

-Lower overhead cost Outsourced resources do not require you to provide phones, laptops, office space and other resources.
-Deployment of a larger multi-faceted sales team For the cost of hiring one senior sales person, a company can get access to a full team of outsourced sales professionals.
-Elimination of fixed payroll and benefits costs With an outsourced sales solution, companies pay only for the services rendered and do not have to add individuals to payroll, benefits and travel programs, which reduces cost of sales.
-Profit from years of established relationships An outsourced sales team brings a wide variety of contacts and relationships that can be leveraged to deliver faster results than one person bringing only his or her individual contacts.
-Increased sales coverage an outsourced team approach allows for a company to expand its reach more quickly than it could with one in house individual.

Products and services

Sales manager for rent:

If your sales team is underperforming, but you are focused on other important part of your business you need someone to fix your sales team and start getting consistent results. Can you afford a full time sales manager to pay him big $$?

  No need to, rent out an experienced sales manager who will put the sales process in place and with using the best methodologies in the industry will get the results you are after within a few months. Once your sales team is fixed/happy and self sufficient no need continue paying big $$ to someone if the sales process can be run by itself. We guarantee your sale's team results will start shinning within a few weeks. The hardest part is to help your sales team to get the best habits formed.

  Your team will be taught the best practice how to use CRM - we thrive to minimise time for admin and maximise time to sell.
  Your sales team will be consistently encouraged and coached. We believe happy sales guys produce better results!
  Your team will be trained on how to use telephone as one of the best sales tools and Social media such as LinkedIn.
  We will be doing role playing to make your team confident when it comes to presenting your solutions in front of your customers.

  We will demonstrate and train your team on the following:
  • How to close deals over the phone if applicable to your business
  • How to qualify/close opportunities on face to face meetings. We will attend face to face meetings with your sales team members to identify weaknesses/qualify an opportunity/close deals.
  • How to get referrals from your customers to build up ongoing business

Assisting start-ups:

You've just started a business full of great ideas, but don't know how to set up your business processes to achieve the results you are after.

  You can't afford to be alone on this journey. Business is very exciting step in your life and you can't afford to fail it, therefore you need us to assist you to get you up to speed quickly set up processes, assist you to get your customers through prospecting, so you can serve your customers when you have a sufficient database. 

  Also we are partnering with creative video experts who are specialising in company video profiles to showcase your services. See a video example below:

 We've assisted hundreds of customers just like you, please call us to set up a confidential meeting to assess your business needs.

Closing negotiating deals

You have been working on a big project and now you are at the final stage to meet up with your prospect to present your solution. Big $$ on a table if you win this business. Can you risk it? Who will be along side you when it comes to negotiating the deal of the year?

  You may feel that even if you drop a few thousand dollars to win the business it is still okay because your margin is big? Not really when you start dropping the price you lose a respect of your prospect.
  We can spend time to understand your solutions bullet points/properly qualify an opportunities/do a research on the prospect you are about to meet to prepare best for the final meeting.

  We take pride on solution selling skills we have. If you know how to "play the game right' no need to discount you products and give away unnecessary your margin. We will prepare you best for the deal you've been dreaming about and we may come to the last meeting to present your solution to get maximum chance of winning your deal for you.

Social Media


Want to grow your business via Facebook and other social media?

 OSS Social Media

 Please pick a package:





 Starter package includes:

 Advanced package includes:

 Professional package includes:

 Create a brand new FB page
 Initial Optimization of FB
 Doesn’t Include Facebook Ad Budget
 Facebook 3 Posts per Week
 Content Production & Distribution
 Cover Image Design
 Create short promotional videos (extra $)
 No Real-Time-Brand Monitoring
 No Account Manager
 Weekly Reporting
 Email Support
 No Strategy Session / No Phone support
 $350 + GST one off + $50 + GST per week ongoing if required
 No minimum terms – from month to month
 Create a brand new FB page or upgrade the existing one
 Inc $50 Facebook Ad Budget & Setup/Management
 Facebook 3 Posts per Week
 Content Production & Distribution
 Custom Cover Image Design
 Create short promotional videos (extra $)
 Real-Time-Brand Monitoring
Account Manager
Comprehensive Reporting
Email & Phone Support
 1 hour Strategy Session / Month via Skype or phone
$350 + GST one off + $150 + GST per week ongoing if required
Minimum commitment is 3 months
Create a brand new FB page or upgrade the existing one
Inc $100 Facebook Ad Budget & Setup/Management
Facebook 5 Posts per Week
Content Production & Distribution
Custom Cover Image design
Create short promotional videos (extra $)
Real-Time-Brand Monitoring
Account Manager
Comprehensive Reporting
Email & Phone Support
1.5 hour Strategy Session / Month via Skype or phone
$350 + GST one off + $200 + GST per week ongoing if required
Minimum commitment is 3 months
Starter package Advanced package Professional package
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8ddHkZA7pI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A21Jrktnq0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HtiUzHZ9fI
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